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Buy2sell entered the Vietnamese market, opening an online import channel

Tác giả: BUY2SELL VIETNAMNgày đăng: 13 March 2020

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B2B e-commerce (Business-to-Business, business-to-business) Buy2sell announced its entry into the Vietnamese market from December 25. Buy2sell is an e-commerce platform based in Singapore, specializing in connecting imported goods with local businesses.

Buy2sell is a B2B e-commerce platform, focusing on introducing foreign brands into Vietnam, meeting the needs of domestic businesses to find imported goods. Buy2sell was developed to facilitate domestic access to foreign suppliers of goods, connecting local businesses with imported goods more easily. In the opposite direction, Buy2sell introduces and connects local businesses to the international market.

Buy2sell will introduce the source of imported goods along with the chain of showrooms and associated retail stores to develop the brand and connect with distribution businesses in Vietnam. At the same time, Buy2sell also supports the need to buy goods from foreign countries and import goods at the request of buyers.

At the launch event on December 25 in Ho Chi Minh City, Buy2sell representative said that besides the B2B e-commerce activity, the website also provides retail channels for consumers in the form of B2C (sales enterprises). for consumers).

As noted by TBKTSG Online, website posted many cosmetic items, fashion, mom & baby ... Consumers can buy goods in the form of wholesale or retail purchase; If the buyer wants to know the wholesale price, the system will ask for your full name, email, phone number ... (as the form of account registration).

Currently, the form of wholesale (B2B) in the field of e-commerce mainly focuses on supplying goods to e-commerce floors to sell to foreign markets; In Vietnam, there is a lack of online channels for imported goods in the form of B2B e-commerce platform.

Buy2sell Vietnam provides more than 20,000 items such as cosmetics, food, beverages, fashion, household appliances, accessories, technology equipment ... from more than 40 countries around the world such as Korea, Australia, Germany. , Russia, USA, Germany, Singapore ... Buy2sell supports businesses from ordering, communicating, product registration, customs procedures ... quickly and professionally as well as import and export operations, marketing distribution and brand development.