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E-commerce – The trend of citizens

Tác giả: BUY2SELL VIETNAMNgày đăng: 13 March 2020

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The next generation of consumers including millennials and Gen Zs are showing a strong trend of online shopping. Increasingly, e-commerce sites are becoming a place for young people to choose instead of going to traditional stores. In recent years, the introduction of a series of e-commerce websites to help online shopping has been no stranger to Vietnamese consumers, especially young consumers of the Millennial generation.

It is forecast that by 2020, Vietnam will have about 30% of the population participating in online shopping thanks to an increasingly popular generation of online shopping, of which nearly half are consumers under 30 years old. This is also the file that customers spend 19-35% more than other age groups, according to the Nielsen Personal Financial Survey. With the development of technology, young people today can conduct transactions anytime, anywhere with simple manipulations on computers or via phones.

Up to 72% of Vietnamese people own a smartphone, providing an excellent opportunity for the development of domestic e-commerce platforms. Payment by card is also a new consumer trend nowadays, with 62% of consumers under 35 often use bank cards and affiliate cards for online shopping.

The demand for online shopping of Vietnamese young people has boosted Vietnamese e-commerce

Minh Tuan’s friend (25 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) said that a part of his income is for online shopping. “Just a few mouse clicks, you can freely choose your favorite items with a more favorable price when buying at traditional stores” – Tuan excited. Regarding the most popular type of products on e-commerce trading floors, Ngoc (22 years old, Hai Phong) shared: “Technology, home appliances and fashion are the best buys, because these are often the items. Genuine and have promotion.

It can be seen that online shopping is not only fun, but also reflects smart consumption trends. For the active and busy young people, online shopping is a solution that saves money and time and is also delivered at the right time, address and guaranteed benefits. Nam Anh, the owner of a top fashion shop, “revealed”: “Selling online must be smarter than selling offline, I have to consult carefully from color, material, size and ensure packaging products beautiful as well as the return and exchange policies to the user “.

Buy online at “fish farming with vegetables” Not only young people in big cities are interested in online shopping, young people in other provinces and cities also spend a lot on e-commerce floors. The data shows that, in terms of purchasing power, other provinces and cities are accounting for 71% compared to big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Users in these areas also quickly updated trends through social networks, online newspapers.

The need for online shopping in the future is expected to become an irreversible trend, because e-commerce will become a habit of modern lifestyle. At that time, consumers will be the most beneficiary, especially when e-commerce exchanges focus on providing goods and services at a reasonable cost to consumers across the country.