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Vesta – Accutone

– AUTO PAIRING WITH Bluetooth 5.0 The second generation of True-Wireless earbuds from Accutone now features Bluetooth version 5.0 with automatic power-on and pairing with your smartphone as soon as you remove it magnetically from the charging cradle. Vesta is convenient and super easy to use. – MOST COMPACT EARBUDS...

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TITAN – Accutone

– UNIQUE 2-IN-1 DESIGN Titan is not just any Bluetooth speaker, it also holds inside its charging cradle a pair of version 5.0 TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earbuds. Switching between usage is 100% automatic, and completely seamless. Wear your earbuds for a moment, pop it back into the base-unit, and...

MOQ : 20