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Wellness thins toothbrush – IRIS

Wellness thins toothbrush Reasonable and rational Thins Toothbrush with all needed tech 1. With handy design and eye-catching colors, this well-padded handle never lose     its own properties as toothbrush. 2. With Functional Silver Powder bristles, it'll be helpful for your teeth and gums. 3. The Ultra-Slim Bristles, with...

Wellness Thins Pro Black & White – IRIS

Thins Pro Black & White 1. An octagonal handle a toothbrush Prevent slip during brushing and provide a strong grip that keeps you from losing your grip as a toothbrush handle 2. 99.9% Antibacteria functional toothbrush Functional toothbrush milling with charcoal powder and silver powder It can hlep your teeth...

Xwhite® VISIBLE – Dissolving Teeth Whitening Strips

Xwhite® Visible dissolving teeth whitening strips Remove stains off coffee, wine, dark drinks and smoking Long lasting results Bleaching in motion (in the office, car, on the way) Use 4-5 strips to top up before special occasions Usage: 56 strips per box apply strips 14 days 2 x daily (approx...


Xwhite® GLAMOROUS EFFECTS Patented concentration of whitening ingredients including Hydrogen peroxide Provides professional level of teeth whitening after 14 days Long lasting results -up to 12+ months Remove both surface & deep stains Safe whitening Sugar&gluten& cruelty free Vegan friendly Easy to use and on-the-go whitening Apply strips 14 days...


Xwhite® ADVANCED WHITENING Peroxide -Free Technology Clinicaly proven Patented formulation for twice whitening effect Does not contain sodium chlorite Last up to 6+ months No messy gels or liquids involved, no preparation required / Enamel safe Sugar&gluten& cruelty free /vegan friendly apply strips 14 days twice daily avoid colour drinks,coffe...

Firsttime Natural Herbal Salt Toothpaste

FIRSTTIME The Extream Plaque Removal Toothpaste. Premium Quality Natural Ingredient by herbalist. Reduction of all mount problems, shot time fount it. Elimination of plaque, first time got it. Bad breath solution, every time trust it. Aqua (Water), Sodium Chloride, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Calcium Carbonate, Glycerin, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Potassium Alum, Calcium...

MOQ : 10000
Toothpaste SENSITIVE+, 75ml – WOOM

Toothpaste for Very Sensitive Teeth The effective desensitizing formula helps to significantly reduce the values of dental sensitivity. A stable effect is achieved after 14 days of use. In addition to the improvement of dental sensitivity, this toothpaste provides a sensation of total and long-lasting cleanliness, and freshness. A high...

MOQ : 1680
Toothpaste JUNIOR COLA, 50ml -WOOM

Junior toothpaste for children aged 6+ with 98% of natural ingredients. Specially developed composition of this toothpaste helps to prevent caries and strengthens the teeth enamel. KEY COMPONENTS MENTHA PIPERITA LEAF WATER – refreshing organic component ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF JUICE – natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent SODIUM FLUORIDE – an...

MOQ : 2580
Mouthwash TOTAL+, 500ml – WOOM

The effective formula of this Total Care mouthwash protects against cavities, strengthens teeth and gums, helps to reduce plaque formation and provides lasting fresh breath. KEY COMPONENTS SODIUM PHOSPHATE & DISODIUM PHOSPHATE – dental plaque removers CETYLPYRIDINIUM CHLORIDE – antiseptic, antibacterial component SODIUM FLUORIDE – an anti-caries agent that strengthens...

MOQ : 1008
Toothpaste NATURAL+, 75ml – WOOM

Natural Choice for Healthy Gums and Teeth Exclusive toothpaste that contains 98% of natural components, which is recommended for Vegans and people using braces. The natural Mentha Piperita Leaf Water contains leaves a lasting sense of freshness and cleanliness in your mouth. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice is a natural ingredient...

MOQ : 1680
Toothpaste CARBON+, 75ml – WOOM

Black Whitening Toothpaste Toothpaste with black charcoal for intensive whitening of teeth enamel to natural color. This toothpaste contains components that dissolve the tartar and prevent its future formation, remove plaque and pigmentation from tea, coffee, wine, and smoking. It leaves an excellent feeling of cleanliness and freshness in your mouth...

MOQ : 1680
CARBON+ EXPANDING Dental Floss, 30 m – WOOM

Dental black Riser® Expanding dental floss REMOVES up to 40% more PLAQUE than standard flosses. This charcoal treated dental floss in the reduction of bleeding index is superior by 42% to the average of standard flosses. KEY FEATURES Length 30m WAXED WITH MICROCRYSTALLINE WAX – for easy and safe gliding,...

MOQ : 1440
Firsttime Active Herbal Plus Toothpaste

FIRSTTIME The Extream Plaque Removal Toothpaste. Premium Quality Natural Ingredient by herbalist. Reduction of all mount problems, shot time fount it. Elimination of plaque, first time got it. Bad breath solution, every time trust it.

MOQ : 10000

Tooth Powder – 2oz / 60ml  Glycerin Free, Fluoride Free, SLS Free This tooth powder gives you every bit of what your teeth need without the harmful ingredients. Brush, freshen and feel good.

MOQ : 1