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Fairness Face Pack – 25gm – Ze’Venir

eaturing a unique combination of herbal extracts, this face pack contains ingredients with proven complexion enhancing properties. Its deep cleansing and anti-aging properties protect skin cells from free radical damage, fades blemishes and lightens skin tone, leaving it soft, supple and bright. This Fairness Face Pack contains key ingredients such...

MOQ : 120
Rose Rejuvenating Body Lotion – COAST NATURE

The most pampering care for baby skin to create silky milk muscles • Velvet soft texture • Fresh and delicate rose fragrance • Gives the skin a silky smooth and delicate touch • The skin is like a moisturizing layer • Deeply moisturizes the skin, reveals a moisturizing and soft...

Facial Recovery Cream – Ele Tujaa

ELASTICITY Add the flexibility to your skin NOURISHING Repair and renew your damaged skin REJUVENATING Reduce winkles SOOTHING Help pores minimizing ANTI-AGING Anti-aging REVITALIZING The touch of soft and smooth skin USAGE How to use ele tujaa® Facial Recovery Make 5 beauty spots on your face Gently massage over the...

Fair N Glow Anti-Wrinkle Facial Massage Cream – 25gm – Ze’Venir

This cream features an innovative herbal formulation that evens out your skin tone for a fair and beautiful skin, leaving your skin feeling fresh, glowing, soft and supple. This facial massage cream contains key ingredients such as : 1.Mung Bean Seed Extract: Possesses antioxidant, skin lightening and anti-wrinkle properties. It...

MOQ : 108
Age-defy Beauty Pack – Alluring Minerals

Want age defying skincare? Our Ageless Beauty Pack contains six products you can use together for the ultimate anti-ageing skin care regime. This pack has everything you need and is packed with natural anti-ageing ingredients such as Gotu Kola, Sea Buckthorn, Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Co enzyme Q10 and more! Here’s...

MOQ : 2
Peel Off Brilliance Mask – 100gm – Ze’Venir

This peel off mask is an effective blend of natural extracts which synergistically help to reveal a natural glow. It contains powerful antioxidants, guarding skin against free radicals and environmental stress. By removing dead skin cells with the peeling action, it strips away impurities to reveal revitalized, cleaner and younger...

MOQ : 120
Tulen Whitening Eye Youth Serum – Ze’Venir – 15ml

This easily absorbed serum contains a complex blend called Clair Blanche-II and is proven to effectively whiten and even out skin tones.   This eye serum contains key ingredients such as: 1)Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters: Exhibit unique moisturization that conditions the skin. 2) Willow Bark Extract: Activates cell viability, is anti-wrinkle and anti-aging. It...

MOQ : 144
Hawaiian Foaming Facial 8 fl oz – Sweet Leilani Cosmetics

HAWAIIAN FOAMING FACIAL, BODY WASH MAKEUP REMOVER SHAMPOO AND BRUSH CLEANER Product Description : The Foaming Cleanser and Moisturizer reduces the effects of environmental damage. This multiuse cleanser detoxifies, energizes and boosts cell turnover by removing dead skin cells improving skin quality. It also promotes healing for sensitive, allergy-prone skin,...

Lapureve UV Sun Block – IRIS 50ml

A light-weighted sunscreen with natural color-correcting - Protect against UVA, UVB rays - Mild gentle formula that suits for sensitized skin. - Triple functionality sunscreen enabling smart skin care with wrinkle enhancement, brightening effect Triple functionality cosmetics approve by KFDA (Sunblock, Brightening, Wrinkle enhancement cosmetic) - Natural color-correcting (Makeup base)...

Skin Nourishing Mask – 100gm – Ze’Venir

This facial mask is power packed with an innovative herbal combination that is known for its cleansing, antioxidants, anti-aging and moisturizing properties. With ingredients that absorb excessive sebum and improve complexion, it tones up the facial skin and reduces dark spots, enhances vitality and elasticity of skin, leaving the skin...

MOQ : 119
Insta Moisturizing Gel – Ze’Venir – 100gm

Enriched with rejuvenating botanical extracts, this gel is wonderful for puffy and tired eyes, dark circles and freckles. It gives your skin a radiant glow and refreshes your skin. It is extremely soothing and imparts a cooling effect on skin, hydrating your skin from within.   The face gel contains...

MOQ : 90
Ever Young Face Wash – Ze’Venir – 100gm

This face wash is a perfect blend of herbal extracts that deep cleanses excess oils and stubborn impurities whilst providing antioxidants benefits to soothe and refresh your skin.   This face wash contains key ingredients such as: 1) Aloe Vera Leaf Extract: Well known for its hydrating, softening and intense moisturizing properties....

MOQ : 120

Calophylle oil regenerates problem skins and fastens healing after surgery. Its circulatory and invigorating properties make it a true home remedy recommended to recover relaxed light legs. Put 3 drops of argan oil in your palm (push x3 – with the pump). Warm it up. Apply on your face till...

MOQ : 200
Solutions – 9 Types – TOUN28

Size: 10ml Benefits: A collection of nourishing essence features different formula for solving different types of skin problems. T1 Hyaluronic Acid: Formulated with 5-Multi Hyaluronic Acid that provides oil-free and deep hydration to the skin. T2 Vitamin C: Contains 100,000ppm of Vitamin C that helps brighten up the skin tone. T3 PHA: Consists of...


This fluid touch serum easily penetrates the skin. The natural hydrating properties of aloe vera, combined with hyaluronic acid and alginate extract, allow this anti-pollution serum to protect the skin from external aggressions. It makes the skin soft, supple and radiant. For face.

MOQ : 150
Skin Farm Labute 3step Aqua Mask – IRIS

Skin Farm Labute 3step Aloe Mask Capacity : 30ml/1 ea(10 ea/box) Batch No. & Expiry date : Marked on the product Efficacy : Brightenign, Hydrating, Wrinkle enhancement Country of origin : Made in Korea Aloe soothing(Relieving) sheet mask for tired skin A sheet mask that contains functional serum with Aloe...

Magnifying Face Wash – Ze’venir – 100gm

This face wash removes unwanted dirt and excess oil from your skin, giving you the ultimate feeling of freshness. It also contains ingredients rich in antioxidants to proactively promote healthier glowing skin.   This face wash contains key ingredients such as: 1) Turmeric Root Extract: Contains curcuminoid as an active ingredient which...

MOQ : 120
CC Cream Ready Go SPF50 PA+++ – Ele Tujaa

SUN & UV PROTECTION Protect your skin with SPF50 PA+++ PERFECT COVERAGE Completely covering with the natural look OIL CONTROL Non-greasy SMOOTH TOUCH Help skin look smooth NATURAL COMPLEXION Confidence to make up in your style BEST MATCH WITH ASIAN SKIN TYPE Suitable for weather conditions and all skin types...

Facial Beauty Device – Nubeca

1. Four operation modes 2. Safe and non-invasive physical beauty care 3. No pain, no side affect 4. Power/Low voltage/Charging LED indicator 5. Five minutes automatic shutdown 6. Built-in rechargeable batteryCertificate: CE

MOQ : 1

Vitamin C Facial Spritz – 4oz / 120ml This perfectly balanced natural spray has a pH of 4 making it the perfect toner for all skin types. The delicate skin on our face requires a lower pH than the rest of our body. This helps fight and reduce inflammation and maintain healthy...

MOQ : 1
Advanced Premium Program – MIRACLETOX

Our patented ingredient Microspear that contains 144% faster and more absorbency using the bio cosmetic technology demonstrates advanced anti-aging effects and shows the essence of professional care with approximately three times the content of home care programs. the 4-week kit of the clinical program with the six-step system provides the...

MOQ : 100
Pedi-Nourisher Cream – 25gm – Ze’Venir

This cream features a unique and innovative herbal formulation designed as a daily application on the foot to make it soft and supple. With ingredients rich in moisturizing and firming properties, it rejuvenates and smoothens dry skin to treat cracked heels. This Pedi Cream contains key ingredients such as: 1) Ginger...

MOQ : 108

Rediscover the comfort of a supple skin with the alliance of our regenerating argan oil and our nourishing shea butter. For dry and mature skin.

MOQ : 150
Ever Young Face Wash – Ze’Venir – 100gm

This face wash is a perfect blend of herbal extracts that deep cleanses excess oils and stubborn impurities whilst providing antioxidants benefits to soothe and refresh your skin.   This face wash contains key ingredients such as: 1) Aloe Vera Leaf Extract: Well known for its hydrating, softening and intense moisturizing properties....

MOQ : 120
Clarifying Pink Clay Mask – Alluring Minerals

A MUST for all skin types! Our 100% Australian Pink Clay Mask is an essential product to achieve glowing skin all year round. Our Pink Clay Mask is infused with several healing herbal powders including Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Calendula, which are used for their soothing and calming benefits 🌟...

MOQ : 5